clef du vin travel model tool
clef du vin travel model toolclef du vin travel model tool

Clef Du Vin Travel Model


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clef du vin travel model tool

clef du vin travel model tool

The Clef du Vin travel model tool –

Clef du Vin travel model -This revolutionary European wine accessory actually accelerates the aging process ONE YEAR PER SECOND by releasing harsh tannins and acidity and enhancing the actual wine product! A patented blend of precious metals, which is made in France, is embedded into the tip of the Clef du Vin® and reacts to the preservatives within the wine. Backed by ten years of scientic research and development, this amazing product’s ONE YEAR PER SECOND calibration has been tested at the University of Bordeaux and found to be 100% accurate.The Clef du Vin® is completely safe and effective because NOTHING is introduced into the wine – The wine simply reacts to the embedded metals and ages in moments instead of years! Simply pour yourself a glass of wine, dip Clef du Vin® into the glass, taste and compare results. Re-dip Clef du Vin® at one second intervals until the wine reaches the phase you enjoy the most. Important to keep your dips at 1 or 2 seconds each, so as to not over-age the wine.

Travel model comes with plastic cover and instructions. 5-3/4”L x 3/4” W The one indispensable tool for the serious wine collector, winemaker, or wine salesman An essential gift for any wine lover Lets you manage your wine cellar like you have a crystal ball. FREE DELIVERY US MAINLAND
This is what the Clef du Vin can do:
The Clef du Vin (wine key) is a calibrated tool that instantly reveals the ageing potential of any wine.


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clef du vin travel model

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