Decantus Classic Wine Aerator Set


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The Decantus Classic Wine Aerator Set is here and available for sale.

All wine need to react with air to reveal its fullest flavor and bouquet. This fact was recognized and a way was soon developed to rapidly oxidize wine in seconds. The Decantus Classic Wine Aerator Sets utilize the Bernoulli (a Swiss scientist) effect where the reduced pressure of a stream of fluid draws an air flow through diagonal thin tubes inside the aerator. The wider opening on top and larger liquid capacity of the top reservoir bowl makes pouring into the DECANTUS™ wine aerators much easier than with the Vinturi Aerator.
Wine travels faster through it without a whirlpool effect. This is because of the vertical planar insert. The “froth” from DECANTIS™ has finer bubbles. This gives a smoother aeration over any other aerator on the market. Decantus aerators are available with or without handles. This set includes the handles as part of the package. Free sulfites are chemical agents that are added to wine in order to protect it during transportation and for its ensued conservation. This practical benefit considered, sulfites nevertheless contribute to conceal the full potential of wine and are known to cause intolerances with certain people. For those reasons, they become undesirable at the moment of consumption. The aeration process permits their evacuation, and DECANTUS gets the job done quickly and at a moment’s notice. Statistic tests show a significantly better aeration rate along with a remarkable 56% decline in sulfite levels!


Decantus Classic Wine Aerator set is a unique, by-the-glass wine decanting system with some serious curves. Sinuous and graceful. It has two handles for easy handling while pouring. Also includes a fine screen for filtering sediments.
INCLUDES: 5-PIECES: Decantus™ Classic Aerator, Base, Velvet Storage Pouch, Cleaning Brush and Filtering Screen

decantus classic wine aerator set

decantus classic wine aerator set


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