Keeper System 3.0L-6.0L large bottles


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The Keeper System Set up your own nitrogen dispensing system like the finest restaurants do for either 750 ml. or 1.5L bottles. Operation is simple: uncork the wine, insert the stopper faucet, and serve. Unfinished bottles can be preserved by simply disconnecting the tubing and placing the bottle with its stopper in the refrigerator. Each disposable cylinder serves and preserves up to 24 bottles. NEW! Keeper System for larger display bottles (3L-6L) NOW AVAILABLE!!

1 Extra Faucet $47.99
2 for $92.00

Extra Gas Canisters $22.50
2. $43.00
3. $61.50
4. $80.00

Stainless Steel Tube
Extra Stopper-Faucet

Extra Large Format Stopper-Faucet

3-Way Manifold Kit (for 3 bottle simultaneous dispensing with quick connects)
$69.95 per Kit

5-Way Manifold Kit (for 5 bottle simultaneous dispensing)
$109.95 per Kit


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