Laguiole Champagne Sabre


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laguiole champagne sabre

Laguiole champagne sabre

Laguiole Champagne Sabre Rosewood handle in custom wood box

The Laguiole Champagne Sabre – Rosewood is now available. In the Napoleonic era, many victories were celebrated by decapitating bottles of bubbly with their swords. The saber was the weapon of choice back then and the whole ritual of celebration has evolved today and is still used by some to open bottles of champagne. A distinguishing feature, Unlike a regular saber, is that the blade is not sharp. It makes an interesting gift for modern day swashbucklers. This formidable model has a blunt stainless steel blade, brass bolster and rivets and an inlaid rosewood handle. Traditional Laguiole decore embosses the handle and bolster. Blade 11-3/8” long, overall, 16-3/8” long.

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