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Private Preserve


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Private Preserve

Private Preserve Aerosol can dispenses a blanket of inert nitrogen protecting your open bottle from oxidation for days. Seals opened wine to preserve flavor for over A YEAR! This is the same method that wineries use. Lasts up to 120 bottles. Just insert straw into the bottle and give it a few short bursts. After fermentation is finished, every modern winery uses nitrogen, carbon dioxide or argon to preserve wine. With Private Preserve, you can preserve wine in the bottle using the same proven effective method. Apply Private Preserve every time you pour.
1. Place tip of extension tube in the neck of bottle resting on the glass
2. Release 1 long (1 second) dose and 4 short doses.
3. Recork immediately, & store indefinitely. IT WORKS!! 120+ applications per can.
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private preserve nitrogen aerosol

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private preserve

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