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The “original” pulltap corkscrews.

The pulltap corkscrew is the original from Spain. It is the most copied wine bottle opener in the industry today. It is so well priced that I personally am amazed that people look to knockoffs and poorly crafted copies to save a few cents. People, this is the ONE original that is beyond reproach. Buy this. You will be happy you did.

Everyone has been asking us when we will have the pulltap corkscrew with the new teflon worm. The wait is over!! We were the first to make it available in many colors to our customers. Most notable about the pulltap corkscrew is its double boot design. After twisting the Teflon worm into the cork, the first boot comes in to play. The first slot of this boot serves to “crack” or loosen the cork away from the bottle. The second boot fully removes the cork from the bottle with the extra long lever giving you more leverage to extract. Beautiful sleek design with a good solid strong 5 spiral worm.

pulltaps corkscrews

pulltaps corkscrews

Now available in black, dark green, burgundy, dark blue or stainless steel! 4 – 5/8 in. Special colors can be ordered  by request.  Call 831-722-6444 for more information about imprinting possibilities.  Buy 2 pulltaps for only $35.99 delivered U.S.

pulltap corkscrew

pulltap metal corkscrew

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1 black, 2 black, 3 black, 1 Burgundy, 2 burgundy, 3 burgundy, 1 dk. blue, 2 dk. Blue, 3 dk. blue, 1 dk. green, 2 dk. Green, 3 dk. green, 1 stainless steel look, 2 stainless, 3 stainless,


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