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Pulltap Evolution Corkscrew – w/ 6 Swarovsky Crystal


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The New Pulltap Evolution Corkscrew

Pulltap Evolution Corkscrew – Made in Spain
Pulltap’s® Evolution Standard Crystal Corkscrew (6 Crystals)

From Pulltex comes their latest corkscrew offering, the pulltap evolution corkscrew. Pulltap is known to deliver some of the best tools in the wine industry. They deliver superior quality and fantastic designs and they can quite rightly call themselves one of the world’s most famous tool designers. However, the Evolution standard crystal corkscrew with six crystals really broke the mold, even for Pulltap’s standards. SAVE OVER 45% NOW

This stunning two-step corkscrew is fully chrome plated and has six genuine Swarovski crystals embedded into the handle’s top. As is standard with Pulltap equipment, the spiral itself is non-stick, which means it will remove the cork of any bottle with the greatest ease. As always, the entire tool is of superior quality. It also includes a foil cutter and lever. For added beauty, the corkscrew comes in a black leatherette jeweler’s box. Additionally, the tool can be engraved with your company’s name or logo, or a personal message for someone special.

This particular tool makes for a wonderful executive or wedding gift. If you are thinking about wedding favors or something to give to your business partners or clients that really stands out from the crowd, the Pulltap Evolution may just be exactly what you are looking for. You know for a fact that it will make a lasting impression. It is a popular marketing tool, as it will often be removed reverently from its box whenever a new bottle has to be opened, and it is an immediate conversation starter. If your business’ name is imprinted on the tool, then you will immediately create advertisement for your company as well. Non Stick spiral. 4-5/8” long. Pkg. Code: BX (Black leatherette jeweler’s box). Imprint area: 1-3/4” X 5/16” across top of handle. Ideal for wait staff. Classy, sturdy and dependable. Makes quite an impression. Beautiful package for presentations.

pulltap evolution corkscrew

pulltap evolution corkscrew

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