pulltap waiters corkscrews

Pulltap Waiters Corkscrews – Imprint closeouts

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Pulltap waiters corkscrews.

Everyone has been asking us when we will have special deals with the original pulltap waiters corkscrews with a teflon worm. The wait is over!! We’re the first to make these salvage quantity buys available in black, dk. blue, dk. green, or white to our customers. As is normally the case these items were rejected because of printing imperfections or overruns. Any purchase may have any number of different logos on them. The important thing to remember is THEY WORK!! They are incredibly INEXPENSIVE! As low as $3.00 ea! The printer’s loss, YOUR GAIN! 4 – 5/8 in. You can request a specific color. CALL 831-722-6444

pulltap waiters corkscrews

the original pulltap waiters corkscrews

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6 black closeout, 12 black closeout, 24 black closeout, 36 black closeout, 6 burgundy closeout, 12 burgundy closeout, 6 dk. blue closeout, 12 dk. blue closeout, 6 dk. green closeout, 12 dk. green closeout, 6 white closeout, 12 white closeout, 36 asst colors closeout


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