ravi wine chiller

Ravi Wine Chiller


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ravi wine chiller

ravi wine chiller


The Ravi Wine Chiller is the latest new idea for serving wine at your precise temperature.

The NEW Ravi Instant Wine Chiller cools down your wine immediately by it flowing through patented stainless steel cooled tubes inside. Directions:Assemble the 2 piece unit and fit it on top of the wine bottle. Place your thumb on the air-intake valve and tip the bottle sharply. Once it’s in the serving position, remove your thumb to let the wine flow. When serving the first glass of red wine, pour the wine without slowing the flow. For the following glasses, slow the flow slightly by placing your thumb on the air intake. With repeated use (several glasses), the inside of the tube is warmed by the flow of the wine, so you must slow the flow to ensure sufficient cooling.
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