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WINE Split Air System 10200 BTU’s (2000-2800 cu. ft.)


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Our custom built Wine Split Air System 10200 BTU is the ultimate in cooling systems for wine & wine storage. Unlike other lesser systems, our units are designed to be commercial grade by the acknowledged leaders in the wine cooling industry. Our technicians each have over 25 years of cooling experience. Standard split cooling units are designed to remove excessive humidity but they could not introduce humidity until recently.

This custom wine split air system 10200 BTU with its special outdoor louvered condenser package is the recommended unit for high temperature environments. In many cases there exists a great temperature differential during the daytime hours. This wine split air system is the only way to go. We recommend you seriously consider this option by upgrading to an outside condenser. These systems usually work for 15-20+ YEARS instead of 3-5 years for most regular systems. Obviously, there has to be a reason.
We are the first to introduce a perfectly matched brand new dseries evaporator to the wine cooling industry. We have recently upgraded our special wall mount evaporators to the new Daiwa series for the latest in state of the art in evaporative cooling. The dseries evaporators can be wired to continue cooling a room even while the compressor is off. OUR WINE SPLIT AIR SYSTEM 10200 BTU’s CELLAR REFRIGERATION SYSTEMS IS THE BEST STATE OF THE ART COOLER BUILT TODAY!
Wine Split Air System 10200 BTU sld wall mount evaporator

sld wall mount evaporator

Special contractor’s discounts may apply. Please call us directly 831-722-2333. When all is said and done, this is your wine we are dealing with. Protect your investment.INTRODUCING THE LATEST WINESMART TEMP/HUMIDITY CONTROLLER SYSTEM. NOW AVAILABLE HERE!.
WineSmart® Controller:

The most innovative and capable wine care controller ever designed, the WineSmart® Controller is available for any of our split systems and offers:

Startup protection
Short-cycle protection
Freeze protection
The ability to balance temperature and humidity to unprecedented levels of accuracy

The WineSmart® Controller is also the first and only controller to provide integrated humidification and/or heating with a ductless or ducted split system. Two modules of control are available depending on your needs:

Internet module available — enables the end-user to log-on and check their cellar’s readings from anywhere.
Two stage model available — runs two split systems independently

winesmart controller

winesmart controller

Special contractor’s discounts may apply. Please call us directly 831-722-2333

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basic system (indoor condenser&sld ductless wall mount evap), indoor condenser w/ducted dvx evap, indoor condenser w/winesmart controller upgrade, outdoor condenser/sld ductless wall mount evap, outdoor condenser w/dvx ducted evap, outdoor condenser w/winesmart controller upgrade


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