Wine Cellar Systems and Coolers

As the leader in Professional Top-of-the-line Cooling Producers Wine Guardian has become the “Name” to look for for over 20 years.

Wine Guardian coolers come either self contained and precharged, in a split system configuration, or in a one unit through-the wall cooler similar to an air conditioner set up.

1- Wine Guardian Coolers are a self contained air handler system. This only requires additional ductwork installation. This climate controlled system is mounted near your cellar and supplies cool air through duct work requiring only air supply and return grills in the wine cellar. Versatile and self-contained, ducted systems offer maximum flexibility in design and installation, and have the cooling capacity to be used in any sized cellar. A grille on the inside wall is connected by insulated flexible ductwork to a self-contained unit outside the cellar that contains the evaporator, fan and condenser. This system can be placed in any indoor, out-of-the-way location outside the cellar. The result is a quiet cellar with no obtrusive equipment taking up space. Also available in water-cooled configurations.
It is ideal for private, larger cellars or commercial use, as it can be sized for any cellar.

An example of wine cellar systems from

wine guardian air handler

2- Split wine cellar cooling systems
Split systems can be sized for any sized cellar and are the most flexible wine cellar cooling systems available. Split systems include two separate mechanical elements (condensing unit and fan coil) that can be used when ducting is not feasible, especially when the condensing unit must be installed outdoors or in an unheated space, such as a garage. However, the condensing unit portion of the system, when installed outdoors, must be able to operate in both winter and summer conditions. For instance, where the ambient temperatures are between 0°F (-18°C) and 115°F (46°C). Note that, unlike ducted and through-the-wall styles, split systems must be installed by licensed refrigeration and electrical technicians.
These Wine Guardian coolers are available in two configurations. They consist of an evaporator-mounted within the cellar and ducted fan coil-mounted outside of the cellar—with refrigeration piping connecting to the condensing unit. Or they can be a ducted split systems where the fan coil is mounted outside the wine cellar create a wine cellar environment that is both quiet and less obstructed by unattractive mechanical equipment within the cellar. Wine Guardian offers this type of ducted fan coil-mounted system. Ideal for cooling when ducting condenser exhaust from the wine unit is not possible.

wine guardian coolers split system

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Whether for your home, restaurant or storage facility, a versatile wine cellar cooling system that provides commercial-grade temperature and…Wine Storage … with an accurate Wine Temperature Control Technology.

3 – The Wine Guardian Coolers though-the-wall wine cooling unit is also available for smaller cellar areas. It is the easiest and least complicated wine cellar storage solution for cellars up to 750 cu. ft. Please inquire. Call us directly 831-722-2333

wine guardian wine guardian thru the wall

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