Monopol Corkscrews

Monopol Corkscrews are imported from Germany by Wine Accessories Unlimited

These durable superior quality monopol corkscrews are simply the best you can buy.The Monopol corkscrews openers represent the finest quality available for durable long lasting uncorking needs. The Monopol Corkscrews brand is arguably the most copied uncorker in the business. Many wine accessory people are most familiar with the Ah So Monopol two-pronged corkscrew with chrome metal sheath. Often imitated but never duplicated, Wine Accessories Unlimited is proud to be the original U.S. importer for these great openers. This is the standard by which all 2 pronged cork extractors are trying to imitate. The full product line includes The Ah-So two-pronged corkscrew, the Bacchus bell corkscrew, The Barolo Bell double spindle automatic, and the sleek Brunello or Fino Winged cork screws. We prefer to purchase the auger style worms because the have “ciphered” (sharp) edges. The cutting thread “cuts” its way softly through the cork and does not press it apart. A breakage of the cork when pulling it out is almost impossible because of the wide, flat pulling surface of the thread.

The Monopol Corkscrews are in a class apart from the others. Also know as the “waiter’s friend” it is the preferred opener of many wait staff because it will remove corks that have been already damaged. Extraction is achieved by gently rocking forward to backward the prongs in between the glass and the cork and then pulling out with a slight twisting motion. It has saved many bottles from corks pushed though into the wine. They stand out because of their durability, strength, and great looks. Please click on the picture below to see pricing and descriptions of our fine Monopol opener line. If you find a lower price please email us and we will gladly match that price. We are still family owned.

monopol ah so 2 pronged cork extractor

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