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Wine Accessories Unlimited Premium Cokscrews are here! -

It seems every shopper has their own personal preference when it come to the purchase of a premium corkscrew. Some prefer Teflon worms over a nickel worm. Others like wood. Still others want hand crafted hand steel forged top of the line premium corkscrews like the Laguioles.
Gizmo, our wine glass mascot loves quality. In the future you will see him going up against the evil rotten grape Amzon! To him there is no substitute for the best.
We stock the best wine bottle openers available. Since 1988 we have introduced and promoted most of the brands you are familiar with today. We have always tried to inform and promote our favorites because they have been personally tested and evaluated for superior performance. We shy away from “knockoffs” or copies of the originals unless they prove to be an improvement over the originals. As we are still one of the only family owned companies out there, why not try us over those big corporate guys? It’s up to you to decide who you want to do business with.

   Here you will find Laguiole, Pulltap, Puigpull, Monopol, Coutale, and Le Sable to mention a few. Many premium corkscrews are sourced from manufacturers nearby and that enables us to compete on a more level playing field over the bigger guys. Most importantly, when you call us your speaking directly with the people who personally know about these products. You are NOT talking to an answering service. If you find a lower price from somebody else out there call us immediately (831-722-2333). We will match or beat legitimate competition. In many cases we even offer FREE SHIPPING to the continental U.S.A.

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