Air-Au-Vin Wine Bottle Aerator – Luxury Stainless Steel Edition


Product Description

Air-au-Vin Wine Bottle Aerator luxury edition

Wine Accessories Unlimited is the proud importer for the original air-au-vin wine bottle aerator. Very limited quantities left of this limited special stainless steel edition. – Now you have a unique way to aerate your fine wines without having to decant them! Operation is quite simple. Contained in the housing is a patented air bladder. When you pull up on the body you fill the bladder with air. When you release the housing it slowly drops down and aerates the wine by gently bubbling air from the bottom up into the wine. Great idea and saves you precious time decanting. Now you can enjoy your wines immediately! Hurry, there are only a few units left for the holiday season.

air-au-vin wine bottle aerator

air-au-vin wine bottle aerator


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