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Port Tongs – Portugal


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Port Tongs from Portugal

Heated port tongs are thought to be the best means of opening old bottles of vintage port. After many years of aging ports usually throw off an amazing amount of sediment and tartrates. Additionally, as the port ages 10-50 years), the corks almost always start to dry out in the center. Opening these old bottles is almost always a major catastrophic mess! The best result was to find a way to eliminate the potential for such a mess. And so heated port tongs were developed to deal with the problem. They enable the neck of the bottle and the cork to be removed intact, thus eliminating the possibility of the cork crumbling and spoiling the wine. Older wines, over 30 years old also may be hard to remove because of the sugars that have accommodated along the cork. In these cases a tong is used, also known as “Tenazes” in Portuguese. This instrument is heated until it becomes red hot. Immediately after heating they are pulled open and then closed around the neck of the bottle (tongs should be placed below the lower part of the cork). The huge difference of temperatures makes a clean-cut seconds after where the tong was placed. A WINE ACCESSORY IMPORT EXCLUSIVE now available in the U.S.A..

port tongs

port tongs

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