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Pulltap Brucart – by pulltex


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The New Pulltap Brucart Corkscrew -$49.99

The compact pulltap Brucart corkscrew is a unique extracting system. Place the unit over the bottle. Turn the entire unit clockwise to insert into the cork. The axis in the center rises to act as an indicator to tell you when the cork is fully inserted. Pull the 2-1/2″ lever arm away from the body to activate an eleven-step ratchet and spring loaded arm to extract the cork. Works like the puigpull carjack style opener. Latest innovative new opener on the market. Teflon® coated spiral, stainless steel blade. 2-7/8″ High 1.5″ Wide. Can be imprinted.

A new top-of-the-line from pulltex. The pulltap Brucart is unique and stands out as a great new idea in cork extraction. The rack opening of the Brucart corkscrew is the most clever and original uncorking system. It allows to extract the cork without effort. It is graded to control how deep is the perforation of the spiral. Instruction for use: Cut the foil with the knife, put the corkscrew on the cork and while making a slight pressure keep turning it until reaching a desired depth with the spiral. Finally pull out the handle and start the jack like movement.4 3/4″ long. FREE DELIVERY US

pulltap brucart - pulltex

pulltap brucart – pulltex

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