the "vintner" 3 bottle winekeer gas dispensing system

Vintner 3 Bottle Winekeeper System OAK


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The “Vintner” 3 bottle winekeeper system Oak. Lowest Price on the Internet!

The “Vintner” 3 Bottle Winekeeper System Oak is what many of the finest restaurants use to keep their open bottles fresh. It consists of a 3 bottle oak cabinet with laquer finish (with room in the back to conceal the canister and regulator), brass bottle holder, 3 Stopper-Faucets, regulator, disposable canister, quick-connects & tubing. Wine lovers, preserve your favorite wines! Enjoy your wines, glass by glass, while a pressurized blanket of nitrogen protects your wines from oxidation. WineKeeper Vintner 3-Bottle (Oak) Nitrogen (P/N 8030). WineKeeper’s Vintner is designed to dispense wines by the glass from previously opened bottles. Its stylish wooden rack conceals a nitrogen canister that uses a pressurized blanket of nitrogen to protect the wine from oxidation and spoiling. The Vintner is a coveted gift for wine lovers, and its handcrafted wooden rack an elegant addition to any room. The system can only be used with disposable nitrogen canisters.

System includes:

3 Stopper Faucets
3-way manifold
Single-stage regulator
Disposable Nitrogen canister (20-24 bottles)
Wood display rack
The ultimate conversation piece! CALL 831-722-2333 for more info. $29.00 ship charge contental US + $30 hazmat fee (mandatory) Total $59

the "vintner" 3 bottle winekeeper system

vintner 3 bottle winekeeper system oak


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