Ah-So 2 prong

Ah-So Cork Extractor – 2 pronged Chrome Plated cork puller


Product Description

The ORIGINAL Monopol “Ah-So cork extractor – chrome plated

The Monopol Ah-So cork extractor is the 2-pronged “original”. This is “the one” that everybody tries to duplicate. Often imitated but never duplicated. There is no other better. They call it the Waiter’s friend because many waitstaff servers use this one exclusively. Beware of other advertisers that use the words ah so for their copies. They are not the original. This is the “ORIGINAL”. Super fine polished and satin-finished, it consists of two HARDENED STEEL prongs which embrace the cork, without damaging it. It is ideal also for brittle corks. As a matter of fact, this is the reason why Wine Accessories Unlimited was first created in 1996! Please read our bio. —- MONOPOL Germany Information — We attach the greatest importance to thorough workmanship, finely crafted surfaces and flawless functionality. Therefore a lot of work is still done by hand at Monopol. A product manufactured by us is manually handled several times, controlled, ground, re-finished and more – until we are convinced that a great job has been done. Buy this Ah-So cork extractor classic. You should not need another. Buy it here. We are not subject to out of state sales taxes.

monopol ah-so cork extractor

ah-so cork extractor


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